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Shipping Tips for Ecommerce, Boutique and Shop Owners

The internet makes it possible to find customers from all over the globe, and that makes it possible to pursue your dream selling niche products. Without the ability to reach such a wide base of customers, you may be stymied by the lack of interested customers in your area. However, to support your selling efforts, you need the right approach to shipping. Want tips on how to ship specific items? Interested in learning how to find the right shipper for your needs? Looking for other shipping facts and ideas? Then I urge you to explore my shipping blog. My name is Kate. I have experience with shipping on a range of levels, and I hope these posts help you.

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18 October 2016

A freight forwarder is a company that specialises


What A Freight Forwarder Can Do For You

A freight forwarder is a company that specialises in the business of coordinating the handling, storage and transportation of merchandise on behalf of importers, exporters or any other shippers. The modes of transport that can be used range from air, land and water, though most forwarders usually concentrate on specific service areas. If you are looking forward to joining the import and export industry, you may require the services of a freight forwarding company. But before you engage their services, it is important that you have a better insight into what they can do for you. Here is a look at some of the core services that freight forwarders typically offers:

Legal compliance

Acting on your behalf, the forwarder will be a crucial advisor on legal aspects of foreign/international trade. They will advise you on the laws governing freight handling, storage, forwarding, transportation, and all other aspects of freight shipping. And, that's not all. Your forwarder can also handle the necessary paperwork and obtain the required permits and licences for you. Since they do this for other clients on a regular basis, they can pull a few strings to ensure your documentation is ready within the shortest time possible. Since time is money in today's business world, a service that saves you time will increase your chances of making more money. Hence, freight forwarding service is good for your bottom line.

Safety of freight

Your freight forwarder will hire the most competent people to ensure your shipment reaches its intended destination safely, be it by air, rail or road. These may include truck drivers, order pickers, and any other staff required to ensure safe handling and transport of your freight. Because goods destined for transit need to be insured, your forwarder can provide cargo insurance for your merchandise so that you can receive compensation in the event of damage or loss of goods.

Inventory management

This is a service that is usually underutilised because most clients are unaware that a freight forwarder can actually help them with their inventory handling requirements. If you are an exporter, for instance, a forwarder can help you ensure your shipment is correctly packaged for export. This is especially important if you are not well-versed with the customs laws of the country where your goods are destined for. For example, the country may have imposed a ban on the use of wooden packaging products in a bid to discourage the cutting down of trees. Your forwarder may supply you with the right packaging alternatives for your shipment.